LMNO Foothills Home Lottery Mansion

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The 2018 Foothills Lottery Home mansion is an amazing waterfront home in Mahogany. We worked with LMNO to create the marketing photography for the print and electronic campaigns. Some lucky person got to win this magnificent mansion home built for the Foothills Home Lottery. I might be a tad jealous…

Foothills Home Lottery Mansion Brett Gilmour

In case you needed another reason to be jealous, this YYC Mansion even has a wine cellar

Foothills Home Lottery Mansion Brett Gilmour

Basically my dream dining room

Foothills Home Lottery Mansion Brett Gilmour

Commercial and advertising photographer Brett Gilmour, has extensive experience photographing web, print, outdoor and direct mail campaigns for energy, hotel, real estate, tourism, editorial and corporate clients. Since 1996 Brett has created commercial photography that tells a brands story and weaves their products into the fabric of our culture. Brett partners with advertising agencies and companies to produce custom photography. 3 Time Gold Nugget Award winner for architectural photography Former President and Board of Member at CAPIC, Prairie Chapter. Former Film Selection Committee member at the Banff Mountain Film Festival.

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